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25 007Y
Ellipsoid body pb-no-eb lines and some in Optic lobes.
?? 009Y
Quite general but raised in the antennal lobes,central complex and optic lobes.
[Unknown] 010Y
Some mushroom body intrinsic neurons to the alpha and beta lobes,also some extrinsic. Lots of other tracts
71C 011Y
Mushroom Body,mainly restricted to the alpha and beta lobes
?? 016Y
Antennal and optic lobes,not mushroom bodies or central complex.

in CyO 017Y
Strong expression in the Mushroom Body,widespread lower expresssion elsewhere
?? 019Y
Widespread in neuropil
Very general though lowered expression in the mushroom bodies and central complex neuropils.
?? 022Y
Cortex,probably non-neuronal

?? 023Y
Fan-shaped body and MB extrinsic neurons
70E 030Y
Strong mushroom body,weaker elsewhere
?? 036Y
Mainly optic lobe
2C 043Y
Mushroom body alpha and beta lobes,some output neurons from gamma.
?? 045Y
Mushroom Body,alpha and beta lobe kenyon cells,also some staining in the optic lobes
29E 046Y
General,Elevated in Mushroom Bodies
?? 047Y
General,mostly in cortex

?? 050Y
Central Complex
69E 052Y
Antennal nerve,Central Complex (Ellipsoid body ring neurons and Fan shaped body),pars and horizontal tract
11E 059Y
Mushroom Bodies and Antennal Lobes
[Unknown] 062Y
Antennal Lobes,Mushroom Body alpha and beta lobes,Fan shaped body,Lots of other tracts.
70B 064Y
Ellipsoid Body and General Cortex
?? 066Y
General cortex,Mushroom Body,Antennal Lobes,AGT and faint central complex (fb)
?? 069Y
very general,some central complex neurons
?? 071Y
Fan Shaped Body
21B 072Y
Mushroom Body,weaker staining elsewhere.
84D 078Y
Central Complex:pb-eb-no
?? 082Y
Mushroom Body,central complex and horizontal tract
?? 091Y
11E 093Y
Central Complex

?? 095Y
Optic Lobe
?? 102Y
Mushroom Body
2D 103Y
Mushroom Body
26D 104Y
Central Complex (Fan shaped body)
?? 106Y
?? 116Y
Very strong in oesophagus,some other tracts including pars and a few antennal lobe neurons
34C 117Y
General,elevated in Mushroom Body
71B 121Y
Mushroom Body and Central Complex
?? 125Y
Antennal and Optic Lobes?
?? 129Y
Antennal Nerve and Suboesophageal ganglion
?? 132Y
Optic Lobes
?? 144Y
Widespread,elavated in Mushroom Bodies
?? 146Y
?? 152Y
Mushroom Body,Central Complex and Optic Lobes
61C 154Y
Widespread,elavated in Mushroom Bodies and Central Complex
quite general,may be raised in the mushroom bodies,check confocals!
[Unknown] 169Y
Various including some asymetrical staining of the DPM cells
[Unknown] 171Y
General,but elavated in mushroom bodies and central complex
57B 181Y
General,elavated in mushroom bodies,fan shaped body and optic lobes
54D 188Y
General,elavated in mushroom bodies and central complex

[Unknown] 189Y
Antennal lobe,Mushroom Bodies and Ellipsoid Body
[Unknown] 190Y

[Unknown] 194Y

56D 201Y
Restricted to Mushroom Body kenyon cells projecting to the alpha,beta and gamma lobes.
[Unknown] 202Y
Some staining in the ellipsoid body,otherwise difficult to tell from the X-GAL sections
1C 203Y
Some mushroom body,antennal lobes,optic lobes and fan shaped body

[Unknown] 204Y

[Unknown] 206Y

70B 210Y
Strong in the Fan Shaped Body,some other staining including mushroom bodies
[Unknown] 212Y

[Unknown] 213Y

[Unknown] 215Y

1A 227Y
Mostly Mushroom Body with some staining in the fan shaped body
[Unknown] 232Y

48C 238Y
Strong staining in the Mushroom Bodies,some
[Unknown] 239Y

[Unknown] 242Y

[Unknown] 248Y

42B? 252Y
Widespread expression,elavated in the mushroom bodies
4D 253Y
Antennal related,maybe AMMC?
57F 259Y
Optic Lobes and Central Complex
[Unknown] c005
Fan Shaped Body
[Unknown] c009
Non neuronal,staining throughout cortex

[Unknown] c016
Glia in optic lobes
[Unknown] c041
Ellipsoid body
[Unknown] c042
Antennal lobes and central complex
[Unknown] c044
Recent staining attempts failed

[Unknown] c044a
Mushroom Body
[Unknown] c046
Lots of staining including mushroom bodies, antennal lobes and optic systems
[Unknown] c051b
Probably glial
[Unknown] c060
Loads of neurons but neither brain prep is good enough to say much more.
FBti0072292 c061

FBti0004161 c062
Several tracts but difficult to identify accurately, at least some in AGT and projecting to the calyces.
[Unknown] c063
Loads of neurons all over the brain but some interesting mushroom body extrinsic neurons
[Unknown] c065
A relatively small number of neurons but with processes all throughout the brain and extending into the optic lobes. Slightly denser in the antennal lobes.
[Unknown] c065a
Loads of neurons with broad arborisation over the brain
FBti0004570 c067
Small group of neurons arborising broadly throughout several neuropil
FBti0017508 c068a
Big mix of neurons including several central complex neurons and some Kenyon cells projecting to the alpha-prime and beta-prime lobes
[Unknown] c072
A lot of neurons in many neuropil but very strong in the mushroom bodies

[Unknown] c074a
Need to repeat this one

[Unknown] c081

FBti0004457 c082
Interesting set of central complex neurons. Possibly not R-type neurons though as there is no sign of the cell bodies.

[Unknown] c083
Tracheal system
FBti0018459 12F c105
R1 Neurons of the Ellipsoid Body

FBti0018458 c107
Neurons mostly in the central complex and optic tracts
FBti0004565 c116
Neuron tracts in the lateral protocerebum, visual system, antennal lobes and mushroom body extrinsic neurons
[Unknown] c118
Several strains, strongest in the antennal lobes and central complex

FBti0072291 c118a
Looks identical to c118

FBti0072291 c119
Central complex
[Unknown] c139

[Unknown] c140b

[Unknown] c159b

[Unknown] c161

[Unknown] c181

[Unknown] c189

[Unknown] c199a

[Unknown] c201

[Unknown] c201a

[Unknown] c205

[Unknown] c207

[Unknown] c210a

[Unknown] c212

[Unknown] c215

[Unknown] c217

[Unknown] c218

[Unknown] c219

[Unknown] c228

[Unknown] c229

100B c232
Ellipsoid body of the central complex
[Unknown] c240

[Unknown] c245

[Unknown] c246

[Unknown] c249

[Unknown] c250

[Unknown] c253

[Unknown] c255
Ellipsoid Body and Optic Focii
[Unknown] c258

[Unknown] c259

[Unknown] c263
Antennal nerver,AGT and AMMC?
[Unknown] c264

[Unknown] c267

[Unknown] c271

[Unknown] c279

[Unknown] c282
Very General,Elavated in the Antennal lobe

[Unknown] c283

[Unknown] c284

[Unknown] c284b

[Unknown] c287a
Looks like the antenno glomerular tract (AGT)
[Unknown] c288

[Unknown] c290

[Unknown] c300

[Unknown] c300a

[Unknown] c302

[Unknown] c305b

[Unknown] c308a

[Unknown] c309

3rd Chromosome c316
The Dorsal Paired Medial Cells
[Unknown] c318a

[Unknown] c319

[Unknown] c335

[Unknown] c338

[Unknown] c343

[Unknown] c345

[Unknown] c346

\0133Unknown\0135 c357

[Unknown] c359b

[Unknown] c361

[Unknown] c369

[Unknown] c370

[Unknown] c371

[Unknown] c375

[Unknown] c376

[Unknown] c382

[Unknown] c384

[Unknown] c386a

[Unknown] c399

[Unknown] c401

[Unknown] c401a

[Unknown] c401b

[Unknown] c404

[Unknown] c420

[Unknown] c424

[Unknown] c425a

[Unknown] c432

[Unknown] c433

[Unknown] c435

[Unknown] c440

[Unknown] c444

[Unknown] c445

[Unknown] c448

[Unknown] c453

[Unknown] c463

[Unknown] c465

[Unknown] c469

[Unknown] c470

[Unknown] c478

[Unknown] c481
Some neurons in the ellipsoid body of the central complex and elsewhere
[Unknown] c483

[Unknown] c491

[Unknown] c492

[Unknown] c492a
MB and AL,same as c492b
[Unknown] c492b

[Unknown] c497

[Unknown] c500

[Unknown] c502a

[Unknown] c502b

[Unknown] c503

[Unknown] c503a
Antennal Lobe,Ellipsoid Body and Mushroom Body
[Unknown] c505

100B c507
Ellipsoid body of the central complex
[Unknown] c518

[Unknown] c522
Optic and Antennal Systems
[Unknown] c524

[Unknown] c532

[Unknown] c534

[Unknown] c542

[Unknown] c543

[Unknown] c546
Antennal Lobes &AGT,Central Complex;Ellipsoid body and Fan shaped body
61B c547
Ellipsoid body
[Unknown] c549
Lots of neuron classes including mushroom bodies,antennal lobes and central complex.
[Unknown] c552

[Unknown] c560

[Unknown] c561

[Unknown] c561a

[Unknown] c563a

[Unknown] c569

[Unknown] c570

[Unknown] c578
Largely Optic Lobe
[Unknown] c584

[Unknown] c587

[Unknown] c588

[Unknown] c591

[Unknown] c593

[Unknown] c596a
Mushroom Bodies,Antennal lobes,Central Complex and many other tracts including maybe the giant fibre
[Unknown] c599
Neuralemma and a few kenyon cells
[Unknown] c600
Some antennal lobe,lateral protocerebrum and optic lobes.

[Unknown] c601
A few tracts in the medial and lateral protocerebrum
[Unknown] c613
Large horizontal tracts and optic lobe channels.
[Unknown] c614
Central Complex and some mushroom body extrinsic

[Unknown] c625

[Unknown] c628

[Unknown] c630

[Unknown] c632a
Largely optic lobe with some central tracts and a few mushroom body kenyon cells.
[Unknown] c635
Lots of neurons staining many regions including the antennal lobes,mushroom bodies and fan-shaped body
[Unknown] c636
Strong staining throughout the neuropil

[Unknown] c637b
Several tracts in the optic lobe and central brain.

[Unknown] c638
Various tracts in the central brain.

[Unknown] c639
Tracheole system?This pattern needs rechecked!

19A amn c651
DPM and other neurons
[Unknown] c659
Optic Lobe neurons running (presumably)from the Medulla and arborizing in the Lobula and Optic Foci

[Unknown] c663
A cluster of lateral cell bodies projecting across the medial protocerbrum.
[Unknown] c669
Cortex and Mushroom body alpha and beta lobes
[Unknown] c671
A number of tracts avoiding the main neuropil regions
[Unknown] c673a
Giant Fibre?some giant neurons alonside others including the antennal lobes
45A c681
Antennal lobes and some descending tracts
[Unknown] c687
Many tracts,some kenyon cells and some central complex
[Unknown] c689
Mushroom body alpha and beta lobes,lots of other staining.

[Unknown] c690
Horizontal tract and other weaker neurons

[Unknown] c693
A tract connecting the two opposite lateral protocerebra/lateral horns
[Unknown] c694
Mostly ring and fan shaped neurons of the centra complex with a few others.

[Unknown] c695
Antennal lobe,antenno glomerular tract (agt)and optic input?to the lateral triangles
[Unknown] c697
Mushroom bodies and Optic Lobes/Visual system

[Unknown] c699
Optic Lobes and unknown tracts in the central brain
[Unknown] c704
Mushroom Body,Central Complex and Optic Lobes

[Unknown] c704a
Same as c704:Mushroom Body,Central Complex and Optic Lobes

[Unknown] c707
Quite general,elevated in the optic lobes

[Unknown] c708a
Mushroom body

[Unknown] c720
Tracts in the posterior part of the brain
[Unknown] c726b

[Unknown] c728
Mushroom Bodies,Central Complex,Giant Fiber and other tracts

[Unknown] c730
Quite general but evevated in the mushroom bodies and antennal lobes
[Unknown] c737
Mushroom Body elevated
[Unknown] c738
A few large cell bodies and tracts but no obvious structures
[Unknown] c739
Mushroom body alpha and beta lobes,also some expression elswehere noteably in the ALs
[Unknown] c741
Optic Lobe (retina?)
[Unknown] c743
Lots of tracts including MB extrinsic
[Unknown] c747
Quite general but elevated in the mushroom bodies
[Unknown] c753
Central Complex - Ellipsoid body and some others
[Unknown] c755
Lots of neuron classes including mushroom body,central complex and antennal lobes
[Unknown] c758
Mushroom body,optic lobes and antennal lobes
[Unknown] c761
Set of neurons connecting the lateral triangles to the lateral horn
[Unknown] c762
Various tracts,some ellipsoid body extrinsics
[Unknown] c765
Large number of Kenyon cells and Central complex extrinsic neurons.
[Unknown] c767
Horizontal tract and a few others
[Unknown] c772
Mostly Mushroom bodies with some other tracts in the optic lobes and central complex.
[Unknown] c774
A few tracts in the medial protocerebrum

[Unknown] c810
Mushroom Body and Central Complex

[Unknown] c814
Central Complex and Optic tracts

[Unknown] c817
Many tracts,strongest in antennal lobes.
[Unknown] c818
Many tracts throughout neuropil of central brain and optic lobes
93C c819
Ellipsoid Body R2 and R4 type Ring Neurons

[Unknown] c824
Mushroom Body,mostly alpha and beta lobes
Please note that this list is our working version and as such, descriptions are largely incomplete. Some of the images are draft quality only. Most images have yet to be annotated and mapped. It is however under constant revision and contains some info on the first sixty or so lines out of 300 that will be in the final release.