P[GAL4] Line 052Y

Insert69E, Homozygous viable,no obvious phenotype
PatternAntennal nerve,Central Complex (Ellipsoid body ring neurons and Fan shaped body),pars and horizontal tract
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Adult Female Confocal Sections A tract in the AN is stained butdoes not appear to innervate the ALs,rather projects into the SOG. Also someCC R type neurons and possibly F type neurons with cell bodies in the frontal region. The HR tract is also visible. Some posterior cell bodies may be related to FB staining. In z-series,a tract running through AL appears to go to two areas in SOG,one anterior,one posterior. Some staining in a lateral AL golerulus is visible in the z male prep. 256x256 512x512
Adult Female Confocal Reconstructions 256x256 512x512
Confocal Sections Adult Male none 256x256 512x512
Confocal Reconstructions Adult Male none 256x256 512x512
Adult Female No.2 Confocal Sections none 256x256 512x512
Adult Female No. 2 Confocal Reconstructions none 256x256 512x512

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