P[GAL4] Line 059Y

Insert11E, Homozygous viable,no obvious phenotype
PatternMushroom Bodies and Antennal Lobes
ReferenceTettamanti,et al. (1997). Development,Genes and Evolution 207,pp242-252
Adult Head Sections 1
Confocal Sections Adult Female No. 1 Lots of KCs though ped staining is outer only. Strong staining in MB gamma,weak in alpha and beta,not sure whether this is extrinsic in alpha and beta. Large AGT,many optic connections,curved HR tract, SOG HR,possible Giant Fibre(GF)staining, FB and EB. Strong staining in ALs and AMMC (whatever the AMMC really is) 256x256 512x512
Confocal Sections (sex not recorded) none 256x256 512x512
Confocal Reconstructions (sex not recorded) none 256x256 512x512

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