P[GAL4] Line c316

Insert3rd Chromosome, Homozygous viable,no obvious phenotype
PatternThe Dorsal Paired Medial Cells
ReferenceWaddell,el al. (2000). Cell 103,pp 805-813
Thumnail image only
Adult Female Confocal Sections Sorry,I forgot to remove the access restriction until now. Douglas Armstrong,March 2001 256x256 512x512
Adult Male Confocal Sections 256x256 512x512
Adult Female,High Resolution:MB lobes Shows the aroborization pattern of the DPM cells in the lobes of the mushroom bodies. Most,if not all of the MB lobes are covered by scattered synaptic boutons. 256x256 512x512
Adult Female,High Resolution :Lobes 3D 256x256 512x512
Adult Female,High Resolution CB The DPM cell body and neurite at high resolution 256x256 512x512

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